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Excellent for D&D

I use for a D&D campaign and works quite well. Being able to name npc’s as well as player characters makes combat run more smoothly.

DMs best app

This app makes keeping track of players NPCs and creatures a breeze. I'm a hardcore old school paper and pencil DM who's found this app to be irreplaceable. Highly recommended!

Best on the market

Hands down the best initiative tracker on the market. I love the extent of how customizable it is. A few ideas I have from running a game of D&D 4th edition... 1.) Bloodied indicators. I enjoy being able to set hit points on the fly and adjusting them depending on how much they are healed/damaged. However, I would love to see the HP number turn red once the NPC has dropped to half or less of its total beginning hit points. 2.) Top can get a little cluttered. With multiple PCs and NPCs, especially if their names are long, the top portion of the board can get cluttered as names overlap. Not sure how to clean this up. Otherwise, love it!

Great help for any DM

This is a great DM tool. When I have my PCs fighting large groups of enemies, it's great to keep track of people's order. I love that I can save my future fights so I have everyone's HP and other info. The tracking of the statuses is a great feature as well. I just wish it could work in portrait mode. Even better would be if it worked with iOS multi app feature. So I can have it open as well as my notes, or Hero Lab, at the same time. Keep up the development! Best app for this hands down.

Outstanding time saver

Wonderful app, just what I was looking for.


Used to play D&D in the 80's as a teenager. Now getting back in it with my kids. This app helps a lot in keeping track of everyone's hit points and attacking order. You can preset monster information before game time to help speed things up.

Great app!

My gaming group and I really enjoy this app. Easy to use (in our opinion) and super helpful in combat.

Nice Initiative Tracker

Once you learn how to around in this app, it has a lot of nice features. I was looking for an Initiative tracker with some other features for a long time. This one now is my go to app for my D&D games.

Super board

I have replaced my physical boards with this, best money spent on an RPG app.

Pretty good, saves time

It takes a bit of time to configure, but once it is set you can really get a handle on things. I love the rounds counter for effects. Having the sheet remind you if when you abilities expire is really helpful. There are a bunch of small bugs you need to deal with, and unlike another commenter, the developers are not responsive to emails. I have submitted a number if questions and suggestions, each one ignored. I do not even know if they are getting emails. Like most apps, I expect no support. I would recommend only for GM's who want a more interactive tracker.

Excellent, but not perfect

The app is incredibly useful and absolutely worth the investment. I've personally used it for over six months as the only method for tracking initiative. That said, the lack of visual design slows use and increases confusion at an already demanding environment. I feel that the app would benefit greatly from the use of visuals alongside the plethora of textual options. Color coding, or other formatting of the data would also be helpful.

Great interface

For as much as the app helps you do, it's really simple and intuitive. I hope the developer makes a combat map app for Pathfinder because I'd hope it would be just as easy to use but effective.

Excellent! Very usable and useful.

The "magnetic board" interface is an excellent feature. Customizable conditions make it a highly useful tool. Well done!

Just about perfect

I -love- this app. It's perfect. and it's constantly being improved and refined. I recommend it to anyone who games. It's increasingly flawless.

Great App

Really great app. A DM must have

Very useful

This app is very useful during gameplay.

Great App, Great Dev Response

Totally worth the money. I had several suggestions and the Dev responded VERY quickly. Looking forward to more updates!

Great app!

Wonderful functionality -- I love the condition countdown feature. Well worth taking some time to learn the other features and how to use 'em. If you are involved in more than one campaign, it's fairly easy to set up different parties and switch between 'em. Much better than the magnetic board: counters don't get bumped and are easy to read. I use it every weekend!

Useful and featureful

I run a lot of games in several systems, often with many players and this app is great for keeping things moving during play. Author is also very responsive to feature requests. Top notch app.

Super helpful tool for DMs

This is a great app for running a tabletop game. Enter names, initiative, statuses, and all kinds of useful notes. Name the baddies, keep track of HP. Get an adventure modulation and this app and you are ready to DM on the spot!


Exactly what is says on the tin.

Great app!

Having just played a 7 hour one-shot of Dungeon Crawl Classics, the InitiativeBoard app was fantastic not only for tracking initiative order (including player HP), but also round effects and conditions! While there are a few other features that might be cool to see, the app at present is robust and very useful. I love it.

Still the only Initiative Tracker you'll ever need

Each version gets better. I've tried every initiative app out there, and none comes close to this one in features and ease of use. Combat has never run smoother and more quickly.

Great App

Easy and versatile, this app works well at the table. After trying a few different initiative apps this is my favorite! The functionality is good, intuitive, and easy to adapt on the fly. I would like to see some aesthetic changes in future updates, but so far this works well.

Exactly what it looks like

Great functionality for the price. Can easily use to track initiative and hit points.


The app is great and going to grow and be better. Support is nice and responds quickly. It helped me a lot through my campaign the other day and the hit point calculator thats built in makes the math fast and easy. It also keeps track of the rounds, so long as you keep up with your button pushing. Great app!! Now with the initiative roller built in its even better, it rolls for you then it adds the results and places the character into initiative order. The updates are also frequent and suggestions are answered!!

Extremely well done

Thank you!!!

Simple to use and very useful!!!

Love how easy it is to use. Keeps getting better with every update!


Very quick to learn and simple to use!

Nice app

Great app. I use all the time for our gaming sessions.

Game accelerator!

Generally, I prefer to roll physical dice. But this app REALLY speeds up the game and keeps the initiative order dynamic. I also use it to keep track of monster HP and as a rounds counter. Excellent app, highly recommended!

Ideal Initiative Counter

This app is simple enough that it's almost effortless to use, yet it has enough nice features to make it a distinct improvement over pen and paper, or even a magnetic board. I highly recommend this app to any GM out there.

Awesome developer!

This app is great and is very useful. I had a few suggestions so I sent the developer an email, he answered immediately and was very nice, accepted my suggestions and will implement them. I am very pleased that I bought this app and supported a developer that really has his users in mind.

Initiative board is great

I really love this app, it really has helped me keep my combats organized so they move quickly and efficiently.

Great app

If you are a nerd, and are looking for a good initiative app, then this is certainly worth the money.


Great help

Best of the Batch

Of all the initiative tracking apps I've tried so far (just about all of them), Initiative Board has been the best. It's pretty user friendly and has some neat widgets that made initiative tracking simple. There is room for improvement, but it seems like an app that is continuing to be developed, so I look forward to where they'll be taking it. If you play RPGs like D&D and Pathfinder, this is a darned useful app and I recommend it.

Great app

Well worth the price for a nice and easy to use app. Love the automated tracking of rounds and conditons. Minor issue with some of the text --would have liked some notation a bit bigger so it is easier to read at a quick glance. Aside from that, works like a charm.

Definitely recommend

I highly recommend this app. I would have given it five stars but there are a couple of features I would like improved. I'll get to those after I talk about what's sweet. The drag and drop function of the initiative tracker is super and the ability to set conditions and track hit points is fantastic. You can keep track of multiple campaigns and player characters and create initiative counts for numerous creatures and NPCs. Also love that when a monster is killed and you set their condition as "dead", their marker disappears. I should also mention that the app is very user friendly and easy to pick up. The only hang up is that you need to go into your settings app to define names for PCs and your campaign. I'd rather do everything inside the app itself. I would also like to be able to keep the PCs hit-points on their marker without losing that info each time I restart. Being able to store HP and defenses info for each PC on their individual marker would improve the app greatly. The initiative count tops off at 25+ which is limiting. I'd like to have a scrolling function of view the page vertically to be able to get more initiative counts in. Previously, I was using Game Mastery's outstanding initiative tracker but this saves the ink in my dry erase markers for drawing on maps. If you are running Pathfinder I'd score this app immediately! That being said, some of the functions wouldn't cross over into other editions but you could certainly use the most basic function of this app for any game that needs to keep track of initiative.

A Great Initiative Tracker

So simple and elegant. Easy and intuitive to use with,Amy good features for each player and NPC's. I would recommend this to any of my Game mastering friend that want to track the combat initiative in the games they are running. I use it to track "Tales of Blades and Heroes" and it functions great. Bronco_6

You need this

It's exactly what you want. Works for any edition, lots of nice bells and whistles, drag and drop supported well. Love.

Best I-Pad Init Tracker so far

Good app!

Useful beyond belief

We used to keep track of initiative in our games with a dry erase board. Then I discovered this app. This has made our games more streamlined and easier to manage. This app is essential for anyone into Dungeons and Dragons or any D20 based RPG. The ability to store multiple lists of PCs is awesome.

Excellent App!!!

I was looking for something that didn't require a ton of editing for every encounter to keep the game moving. This manages that aspect extremely well, and tracks condition effects and duration. Throw in more spell effects/durations and it will be perfect.

Very helpful.

Very helpful for managing combats.

Okay, but...

There are some annoying quirks of the app. You have to add players by going into the app settings external to the app itself. There isn't a good way of tracking spell affect durations or summoned monster lifetimes. It's not a bad app, but it doesn't have everything I'm looking for.

replaces my magnetic board

This replaces not only my Excel chart but the magnetic board that I bought from GenCon a few years back. Wet-erase on small rectangles that usually got lost in the zip-lock bag I kept it in. Thanks!

Finally a useful D&D app in the app store

Only program I have found so far that truly replaces a paper and pen process that really improves the gaming experience.


This is not as good as DMTOOLS.

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