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InitiativeBoard is a no-frills tracking aid for initiative and damage/hit points in d20 role playing game rounds like Pathfinder or D&D.

Get rid of pencil and paper, and start dragging markers for players and foes on the grid. Starting new encounters is a matter of seconds.

Supports configurable conditions with automatic round countdowns.

Organize your games in up to five campaigns with ten players each.

Supported Localizations: English, German and Japanese, independent from your iPads language setting.


Quickstart Instructions

First, tap on the Settings (gears) button in the lower left and enter player names for campaign 1 and a name for that campaign. When done, tap “Restart” on the main screen (2nd icon on the bottom row).

In the top right there is a button “1” for the first foe. Tap on the “+” button to create more foes as needed.

To start an encounter, drag the player buttons from the top row to the positions for their initiative value.

Tap on “Start” at the bottom of the board. The button with the highest initiative value will be marked as “active”, shown as a black border.

Continue tapping “Next” to move the active marker to the next player or foe.